Philippines-Iceland Relations

The Philippines established diplomatic relations with Iceland in 1999. Iceland was covered by the Philippine Embassy in London until jurisdiction was transferred to the Philippine Embassy in Oslo, which was opened in April 2007.

The Philippines and Iceland enjoy smooth and friendly relations. Iceland, with a population of 350,000, is a home to approximately 1,500 Filipinos.

The Filipinos in Iceland, who are mostly office and factory workers, are held in high esteem. In recent years, Filipino nurses have made their way into Iceland.

The Philippines has an Honorary Consul in Iceland, Ms. Priscilla Zanoria. An engineer by profession, Ms. Zanoria was appointed PHL Honorary Consul when Iceland was covered by the PHL Embassy in London.

The Embassy’s economic activities in Iceland for 2008 focused on presenting a positive image of the country to encouarge increased economic activity, investments into RP as well as Icelandic tourists to the country. Despite the economic crisis, the Envent, an Icelandic Geothermal firm and a major geothermal developer in the Philippines and subsidiary of Geysir Green Energy, announced the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Biliran Electric Cooperative (BILECO) for about 8,600 MWh per year of clean, renewable electricity at a levelized price of $94 per MWh. The total value over the 10-year term is about USD 47 million. The baseload electricity will come from Envent’s 50 MW Biliran Unit I geothermal power plant, which is scheduled to come online in 2012 on Biliran Island in the Philippines.

During calls on officials of the Icelandic Foreign Ministry and other government entities by ambassador Elizabeth P. Buensuceso in 2009, RP interest in enhancing cooperation in geothermal energy and fisheries were raised. (Geothermal energy and the fishing industry are the backbone of Icelandic economy).