Consular Services

A major task of the Philippine Embassy in Oslo is providing consular services to Filipinos and the general public in the Nordic countries. Services include the processing of passport and dual citizenship applications and providing notarial and civil registry services for Filipino nationals, the issuance of visas to Nordic nationals and other foreigners intending to travel to the Philippines and the authentication of legal documents. Some of these services such as visa and authentication are also provided by the Philippine Honorary consular offices in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland under the supervision of the Embassy.

The Embassy also regularly brings its passport and other consular services to selected cities and regions with large concentrations of Filipino nationals. Over the past year, the Embassy has conducted mobile consular outreach services in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Helsinki, Stavanger, Åarhus, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The Consular Section provides passport and visa services; performs notarial services, registration services including those for births and deaths; solemnizes marriages between Filipino nationals; and extends assistance to as well as promote the welfare of Filipino nationals in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Sweden.