Does the Embassy notarize documents?

The Embassy provides notarial services in various forms. The Embassy can provide an acknowledgement, wherein a consular official witnesses the signing of an instrument such as contracts, authorizations, and Special Powers of Attorney (SPA) by Filipino citizens.

A consular official of the Embassy can also affirm that the signatories of a document have attested to the truth of statements in affidavits, petitions, and other such documents. This is called authentication. However, the Embassy will only authenticate documents authenticated by Finland. Beginning 14 May 2019, the Embassy will no longer authenticate public documents issued in Norway, Iceland, and Sweden that will be used in the Philippines. Such documents must instead bear an Apostille from the appropriate authority of the document’s origin country. Apostillized documents from these countries no longer have to be authenticated by any other entity and will automatically be accepted in the Philippines. For more information, please refer to our announcement:

For all notarial services, please submit a copy of your valid Philippine passport along with the document to be acknowledged/authenticated.