Filipino Community

Equally important to Philippine interests is the protection and promotion of the welfare of the growing Filipino community in Norway and Iceland.

There are an estimated 27,000 Filipinos residing in Norway and another 3,000 in Iceland.

Working conditions are generally good in the these countries. The labor sectors in these countries are governed by comprehensive laws/rules/regulations which ensure that mechanisms are in place to address workers’ concerns and basic human rights.

Labor unions are also strong in these countries ensuring that the rights of workers are usually promoted and protected. National labor laws in these countries generally provide sufficient protection for all workers regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

While fiercely proud of their heritage, Filipinos in Norway and Iceland have also shown a remarkable capacity to integrate into their adopted culture while at the same time contributing elements of their own heritage into Norwegian and Icelandic society.

The positive contributions of the Filipino community in these countries have helped to further strengthen the friendly relations between the Philippines and these countries.

The Embassy regular reaches out to many of the various Filipino community organizations in Norway and Iceland to partner with them in extending assistance to Filipinos in distress.