Consular Outreach in Copenhagen on 6-8 April 2018

Consular Outreach in Copenhagen on 6-8 April 2018

The Embassy of the Philippines in Oslo wishes to inform the Filipino community in Denmark that a team from the Embassy will conduct a Consular Outreach Service in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 6-8 April 2018.



6-8 April 2018
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


St. Anne Church, CAP Room,
Dronning Elisabeth Allé 3, 2300
Copenhagen S, Denmark




  • The consular outreach service for passport applications is strictly by online appointment only. There is no fee for online registration.
  • Only the first 225 passport applicants will be entertained.
  • Only a passport applicant with complete pre-submitted requirements will be given an appointment slot. 
  • Only a passport applicant with confirmed appointment slot and complete requirements will be entertained in the outreach.
  • Payment will be made by the applicant, in Norwegian Kroner (cash only), on the day of the appointment.  
  • To avoid any inconvenience, all applicants are advised to arrange their appointments for the consular outreach service directly with the Philippine Embassy in Oslo, Norway, by 4 April 2018, 3:00 p.m. via: 

  • The Embassy has not authorized any third party to accept applications or arrange appointments. Please do not transact with any private individual, agent or organization.


  • To ensure that all requirements are complete, all Civil Registry Applications (Report of Birth and/or Report of Marriage) and corresponding requirements should be emailed for evaluation, not later than 4 April 2018, 3:00 p.m. to 

  • Only Civil Registry Applications (Report of Marriage/Birth) with complete requirements will be accepted on the day of the outreach.  
  • Processed civil registry documents will be delivered to the applicants by mail. (Postage must be paid by the applicant). 
  • Applicants submitting only Civil Registry Applications with complete requirements may submit them anytime during the outreach.


For the list of requirements and other additional information please visit the links below:



For passport applicants with/without Civil Registry applications:

  1. Email duly accomplished passport application form and complete documentary requirements not later than 4 April 2018, 3:00 p.m., to: 

  1. In the Subject line of the email, write the following:

Passport, Name of Applicant/s or 
Passport with ROB/ROM, Name of applicant

  2. The Embassy will send you a confirmed appointment upon evaluation of complete requirements.

For Applicants submitting only Civil Registry Applications:

  1. Email Report of Birth (ROB) and/or Report of Marriage (ROM) not later than
    4 April 2018, 3:00 p.m. to: 

  1. In the Subject line of the email write the following

ROB / ROM, Name of Applicant

  1. Civil Registry documents may be submitted anytime during the outreach.


On the day of your appointment:

  1. Personal appearance is required for all passport applicants.
  2. Applicants are advised to show up at the venue about 10 minutes prior to their designated appointment.  
  3. Only applicants will be allowed in the processing area. 
  4. Submit print out of confirmed appointment and documents (original and photocopies) to the processor.
  5. Pay fee to the cashier, in Norwegian Kroner, cash only.
  6. Schedule of Fees


    • Passport                   NOK 540
    • ROB/ROM                 NOK 225
    • Affidavit                     NOK 225
    • Lost Passport         NOK 1350


  1. Postage: Small Envelope (maximum of 2 ppts)  NOK 225
    Postage: Big Envelope     (maximum of 6 ppts) (ROB/ROM) NOK 270
  2. Wait for your name to be called for biometric and photo capturing.
  3. Check all the encoded data in the computer before signing the confirmation page.
  4. Your signature indicates your confirmation on the accuracy and veracity of the information contained therein.  Thereafter, the Embassy is not responsible for any erroneous entry in a passport that needs to be corrected. The fee for the replacement of the passport with erroneous entries will be charged to the applicant along with any associated cost for travel to the Philippine Embassy in Oslo to correct the erroneous entries.


  1. The new passport will be available approximately 1 - 3 months from the date of application.
  2. Applicants may track the status of their new passport thru the Embassy's website:

  1. Your tracking number is your receipt number and your last name.
  2. Applicants may choose to have their old passport cancelled during the outreach, or send their old passport for cancellation to the Philippine Embassy in Oslo once the new passport is available.
  3. Mailing Address:    

 The Philippine Embassy
            P.O. Box 322 Sentrum
            N-0103 Oslo Norway

  1. The Philippine Embassy shall not be responsible for the loss or damage to passport or documents in the mail.
  2. In case of RETURN TO SENDER, the applicant will pay the penalty and the expense of re-mailing.

For additional information please visit the links below: