FilCom Norway Sponsors Ray An Fuentes Concert in Oslo

FilCom Norway Sponsors Ray An Fuentes Concert in Oslo

FilCom Norway, the newly established federation of Filipino groups and businesses in Norway, sponsored the RayAn Fuentes Inspirational Concert at the Mortensrud Kirke in Oslo on 26 June 2010. The venue was filled to capacity and was attended by Filipinos and Norwegians. The Filcom Norway officers gushed at the success of the event both in terms of attendance and what it has accomplished in inspiring Filipinos in Norway. They praised Pastor John Angeles and Deputy Coordinator Marti Locsin, project managers of the concert, for their efficient and transparent handling of the event, given the short preparation time. The Ray An concert was the second successful project of Filcom Norway after the much appreciated Independence Day event at the Storesalen on 05 June.

Ray An Fuentes gave an outstanding concert consisting of inspirational songs and stories from his personal experiences on how he has discovered that the life dedicated to the service of Jesus Christ is the life worth living. Starting with his famous duet with Tillie Moreno, Kaygandang Umaga, he then belted out hits by James Ingram. His masterful rendition of When God Ran spoke of his own homecoming and reconciliation with his earthly father and his heavenly Father’s joy in welcoming him back to His arms-evoking tears and sniffles from his awed audience.

He testified that when he was under the glare and limelight of show business, he had wanted only his name to shine in the firmament of performing artists. Now, he says, he wants only the name of God to be glorified through the sharing of his life. He said that the secret to abundant and peaceful living is to be in synch with the kingdom of God. He said that most people, including the rich and famous, constantly seek to fill the vacuum in their hearts with more riches and more fame but are never able to satisfy the longing of their hearts. Only God can fill the God-shaped vacuum etched in our hearts, he said.

Ray An Fuentes was a former member of the Circus Band and the New Minstrels in the ‘80’s who quit at the height of his career to become a full time minister of God’s word. He and his wife, Meilin, travel around the world to deliver God’s message of love and salvation. Before coming to Oslo, RayAn gave concerts in Zurich and Copenhagen and proceeded to London from Oslo.

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