Filipino Nurses Global Summit II & 11th International Nursing Conference

Global Summit of Filipino Nurses 2018 and the 11th International Nursing Conference of the Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc

Call for Abstracts: Podium & Poster Presentation

Looking for a way to advance your professional development? Want to take advantage of an opportunity to interact with students, researchers and practitioners to present your new and innovative work and to obtain feedback from an international audience of your peers in an informal setting? Consider writing an abstract. Abstract submissions are being accepted now until April 15, 2017, for the Global Summit of Filipino Nurses 2018 and the 11th International Nursing Conference of the Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc. which will be held at Blue Leaf Filipinas Manila, Philippines. Submit your abstract today! Notifications will be sent the week of June 1, 2017.

International Conference Theme: Global Healthcare Innovations: Bridging the Chasm

Podium/ Poster Abstract Categories

Session 1: Best Practice Innovations: Translating Evidence in Clinical Nursing

Research studies, evidenced‐based projects, quality improvement projects related to clinical practice; patient safety; nursing and medical management of care in various health conditions including, but not limited to neurological, cardio‐pulmonary, endocrinology, renal, genitourinary, immunology, emergencies, critical care, geriatrics, maternity and child health, psychiatry, and pediatrics.

Session 2: Nursing Leaders Worldwide: The Future of Innovations

Professional regulatory licensure requirements in the US and the Phil, adaptation to clinical
practice settings; workforce placement of the Filipino nurses educated in the US or Philippines; healthcare workforce, innovative leadership strategies to manage to the healthcare challenges; taking the lead in resolving healthcare issues.

Session 3: Innovations in Nursing Education

Web‐based nursing education; avatars, telemedicine, telehealth, electronic health record, high fidelity simulation; social media; mobile, apps, and other innovative instructional modalities to improve the learning of student nurses and practitioners; nursing informatics; curriculum concurrency.

Session 4: Community Outreach and Innovations in Global Healthcare Access

Primary health care community –based program for vulnerable populations; different primary care models for advanced practice nurses; linkages for governmental and non‐governmental organizations for funding sources; US and Philippine healthcare resources (public and private sectors), transforming medical mission into partnerships with government and private sectors, privatization of Philippine government hospitals; preparation for climate change; facing health threats.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

  1. All abstracts must be submitted to Please use the form below (Call for Poster/Podium Abstract Application)
  2. The components of the abstract are divided into sections to help authors assure that they have included all the required information based upon the scoring criteria. Authors are encouraged to write the abstract in a word processing file (e.g. MS Word).
  3. The final abstract (body of abstract) must be no more than 300 words (excluding the title and authors’ names). Check the word count of your abstract (excluding the title and authors’names) in a word processing program prior to sending.
  4. The abstract submission will not be reviewed unless all required fields are completed (see application form below).
  5. To ensure consistent, high‐quality content, all abstracts must be organized into the required format based upon the abstract category.
  6. The abstract title should clearly indicate the nature of the subject. Acronyms should not be used in the title and should be written out on first mention. A quantifiable objective must be submitted and the body of the abstract should be in paragraph form, using complete sentences, and avoiding special characters. Abstracts should have all funding sources written out completely if applicable.
  7. If the work is in progress, include all planned methods, projected sample size, analyses, and timeline.
  8. For abstracts with more than one author, the presenting author will be considered the contact person.
  9. Abstracts MUST be submitted on or before April 15, 2017. 

Podium & Poster Presentation application form
Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc.

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