Philippine Ambassador visits the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce

Philippine Ambassador visits the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce

Ambassador Jocelyn Batoon-Garcia and Mr/ Marko  Silen

6 February 2020, Helsinki –  Strong economic links between the Philippines and Finland are evidenced by the presence of a number of Finnish companies in the Asian country.   Finnish Telecoms giant Nokia in the Philippines has  been providing  employment to many Filipinos.

Intent to support  the Finnish business community’s continued exploration of commercial and investment opportunities in the growing economy of the Philippines, Ambassador Jocelyn Batoon-Garcia of the Philippine Embassy in Oslo met with Mr. Marko Silen, Director of Legal Affairs of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and its mother organization, the Finland Chamber of Commerce.   Mr Silen provided an introduction to the two organizations.  The Ambassador welcomed Mr. Silen’s suggestions on approaching  the various  relevant Finnish business institutions  that are keen on building international  links.   

With over 7000 member companies in various fields, the Finland Chamber of Commercie is the largest Nordic Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber also consists of  19 regional chambers of commerce, including those in the dynamic and innovative  cities of Turku and Espoo. 

The Ambassador was accompanied by Deputy Chief of Mission and Consul General Mariel Algabre and Minister Raul Dado of the soon-to-open Philippine Embassy in Stockholm. END

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